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Tonight felt like the end of an era. My best friend is moving to New York for graduate school. I couldn’t be more proud of this young lady and support this action in every way. But saying goodbye is always hard. I am so lucky and glad that I was in Orlando attending a conference which enabled me to see her one last time before she heads out to the Big Apple.Tonights encounter was one filled with lots of laughs, memories, and tears. But as I drove away sobbing I realized that it wasn’t goodbye but more like farewell. I like to think of farewell as a less temporary goodbye meaning I plan to see you and this isn’t the end. It was a farewell to my friend and a farewell to adolescent years. I think it is safe to say we are entering adulthood which is scary but so exhilarating. It excites me to see what I am accomplishing and what all my friends and peers are accomplishing. 

Now I am no good with words and that is why you Krick are the writer and not I, but these are the words that I think describe you and are the reasons why you are going to succeed in New York.

You are charismatic, you are driven, you are focused, you are emphatic and you are just a wonderful person all around. You will make it through your first day and you will make it 100 more days. You are never alone as you can tell from tonight there are a lot of people who support and love you and will always be there to help you! 

So farewell my lovely friend I will see you soon :) Meet me in the city at your favorite bar so we can sip Cosmos and be fabulous together!



Otis. MP Shooter. Fuji GX645. Nashville, TN. 2014.
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